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Sandra Teschner

Sandra Teschner

Sandra Teschner – Publisher/Editor in Chief

Sandra already had an impressive history to show for before she first started working with custom magazines and cultural projects in Brazil: she had concluded her music training at age 16, published her first poetry book O outro lado da estrela (The star’s reverse) when she was only 11, and pursued a theater career for seven years.
She moved to Germany, where she lived for 12 years. Driven by her passion for German literature, she decided to learn and work with the language. She studied Tourism, and later took an Art History specialization course in Spain. She completed the course at the Salvador Dali Museum, and even had the opportunity to meet the great master of Surrealism.
She worked as tourism specialist for German companies in Latin America, focusing on destinations such as Costa Rica, Nigeria, and Kenya. She developed tourism projects, searching for cultural and artistic differentials in several German towns, and worked as translator, translating into German and Portuguese in different countries. Keeping a close relationship to travels and trying to understand different cultures around the world has always been part of the life of the founder of Profashional Editora.
She became Director of Culture at Stadtzeitung GMBH, the then second largest weekly newspaper in Germany, where she also implemented one of the first online ticket sales systems for cultural events taking place throughout the country.
She attended several courses and seminars on consumer behavior and desires, and created a solid foundation for what later would be called customization.
Once back in Brazil, she graduated in Business Administration and became director of ALSHOP (Associação Brasileira de Lojistas de Shoppings – Brazilian Association of Shopping Mall Retailers). There she had contact to Brazilian retailers and was in charge of the organization’s communication, including its magazine, the organization of business fairs and awards, in addition to associative actions, which gave her a better understanding of the relationship between store owners and entrepreneurs, retail as such and shopping malls as an important business in Brazil and the world. She established important partnerships in other countries, such as Germany.
In 2003, Sandra decided to make use of her inherent writing skills and of all her knowledge of communication, literature, music, art, theater, countries and behavior, and created the Revista Profashional and Profashional Editora.
She taught Fashion Marketing at FASM - Faculdade Santa Marcelina, specialized in behavior taking courses in Spain and in Germany, and created projects in cooperation with SEBRAE, such as the Fábrica MorumbiFashion, under supervision of stylist Walter Rodrigues, to foster new fashion talents.
Sandra is a highly sought-after speaker and presence in different events throughout the world, from Shanghai to Dubai, Spain, Germany and Russia, as well as by prestigious Brazilian universities and teaching institutions, such as USP, Faculdade Anhembi Morumbi, SENAC, Faculdade Santa Marcelina, among others. She also represents Brazil in presentations and workshops in Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Cape Verde and Portugal, and uses these opportunities to show what makes Brazil such a unique country in the global context.
Sandra Teschner always defines the profession of a publisher as the result of experiences gathered in different fields, which all have a constantly new way of looking at the world and its people in this large community, which is our planet.


The Revista Profashional was designed as a purse-sized magazine. This format later also became popular among other publishing companies. The publication gained momentum and led Sandra to open up new fronts in very different sectors, such as technology, gastronomy, sports, drugstore products, footwear, shopping malls, fashion, culture, lifestyle, electric power, and corporate communication. She developed b2b and b2c products in the printed format as well as online magazines for iPad, Android and cell phones, among others. Currently, Profashional Editora has an annual circulation of 30 million printed copies through 17 continuous publications, besides eventual and online projects.
Her work has been acknowledged through several ANATEC (Associação Nacional de Editores de Publicações – National Association of Magazine Publishers) awards, the most important in the country for segmented media, granted to several of the publishing house’s publications. In addition, she has received many other awards, including the Tesoura de Ouro (Golden Scissors), for her work to promote handcraft and its importance in conjunction with design, and for her effort to raise children’s social awareness through books that teach them how to handle their financial future, Internet risks, (fast and slow) food, among others.
In 2012, Meio & Mensagem, the most important Brazilian professional communications magazine, voted her "queen of customization" for her profound understanding of consumer behavior and desire.

Publications as author and coauthor:

Sanletrando, a estrela e o tempo (poetry)
Guirlandas, a porta de entrada para o natal (Wreaths, the entrance door to Christmas) (a book about Christmas, decoration, the story and result of a social project, in which wreaths made by celebrities were auctioned)
Moda & Cinema: um paralelo visual (Fashion & Film: a visual parallel)
Um poeta fazendo arte (A poet making art) (interactive poetry)
Children´s books: A menina que contava (The girl who counted); books published by the Ciranda project: Fique por dentro do mundo do dinheiro (Get to know the world of money), A cozinha mágica e seus alimentos superpoderosos (The magic kitchen and its super powerful food), O fantástico mundo virtual (The fantastic virtual world). All of them received awards for their pedagogical value and each edition had a circulation of 150,000 copies.
In 2013, Sandra Teschner will publish a collection of thoughts, citations, and short stories taken from some of her works. They were chosen in interaction with her readers through her pages on Facebook (both her personal and fan page), campaigns on the blog, actions of the Publisher’s e and the magazine’s sites.
Also coming up: the author’s travel guide containing only profashional elements, i.e. whatever is really different, cultural, alive, interesting, high or low, but cool, in short, everything that makes the difference between being just another regular traveler and making the travel of your life. This guide was created as per request of many readers and followers, who observe her coming and goings, her way of looking at places and – why not? - at life!